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I’m Polish artist based in Glasgow. Working mainly with oil paints, capture the beauty of Scotland’s natural landscapes. The focus of light and shadows creates a sense of depth and realism that bring her paintings to life. Also noteworthy many different styles and themes that can be found in these paintings, but one of the most common is the power of women. Highland cow are painted in paceful environments that emphasise their gentle nature, like meadows or rolling hills.

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Original oil painting on canvas,

size 40 x 40 cm unframed – Available (£110)

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”Hairy cow”

Original oil painting on canvas, unframed, size 30 x 30 cm – Available (£60)

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”M 74”

40 x 40 cm,

Original oil painting on canvas, unframed, Available (£80)

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Why Choosing My Art Painting


We’ve got this in our bedroom, bought it from The House of Art i Helensburgh, it’s now in England making my husband less homesick for Scotland. We love it, thank you.

B. McCulloch

“I love the painting! Shauns brother is going to be delighted with it! Thank you so much for doing it for me! You’re amazing!” 

M. Callaghan

This is so special for many reasons. Thank you soooo much for painting this  

Kunal Mahesh Tawari
Amazing Ula, absolutely amazing and I love it! Can’t believe how great it has turned out! You’re an amazing artist
Dee Robertson

Fueled by Passion, Inspired by Life

If you are passionate about Scottish cows and the stunning landscapes they inhabit, I invite you to explore my artwork. Immerse yourself in the rich textures, vibrant colours, and captivating scenes that I bring to life on canvas. Whether you are an art enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a unique piece to adorn your space, my paintings offer a window into the captivating world of Scotland’s natural beauty.

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