Thank you for visiting my art exhibition last weekend at Nicoll’s Gallery in Glasgow’s West End. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my recent oil paintings with you. I hope you enjoyed looking at the collection of 34 paintings. ”Glasgow Girls” was my first solo Scottish art show. The people and places are the themes behind the exhibit with many of Glasgow’s much-loved landmarks the backdrop. The exhibition was a mix of large and medium oil paintings displayed in frames. There were originally 10 art pieces in the collection but 3 have already been sold to collectors. It is my intention to add more original art works in future, capturing Glasgow its wonderful women. The moment I walked into the gallery and saw all my paintings together, beautifully displayed, on the wall was great for me and makes me proud. I am pleased i got the opportunity to my artwork with a wider audience, and to experience the emotions and narratives I have infused into my art. It was exciting to witness the reactions and interpretations of viewers as they engaged with the exhibition.

It was truly a remarkable experience for me. So, thank you for talking the time to visit my exhibition. Your support and presence meant a great deal for me. It brought me immense joy to share them with others. Your presence at the exhibition not only validated my hard work as an artist, but also inspired me to exploring new artistic endeavors. Once again , thank you for attending and supporting my art exhibition.

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