I am thrilled to announce that my solo oil painting exhibition is just around the corner. ”Glasgow girls” it is my first Scottish art exhibition. I am new to The Scottish scene, having graduated with Masters of Art in Poland and then worked in a Teaching , before settling in Glasgow in 2019. After hard work and countless hours spent in my studio I am finally ready to showcase my art to world. Having gained an excellent reputation for commission work, I wanted bring my art to the people of Glasgow and beyond and has been developing this collection for the 3 years. This is celebration of my passion. It is opportunity for me to share my creations with a wider audience, inviting them to experience the emotions and narratives I have infused into each painting. I am excited to witness the reactions and interpretations of viewers as they engage with my art. The people and the places are the themes behind this exhibit with many of Glasgow much-loved landmarks the backdrop. Alongside ”Glasgow girls” I will also display my Scottish landscape and iconic Highland Cow paintings which always garner admiring viewers. This exhibition is not only culmination of countless hours of work , but also the beginning of a new chapter in my artistic journey, as I continue to challenge myself and explore new avenues in the world of oil painting.

I would love to see you in Glasgow at NICOLLS GALLERY, 656 Dunbarton Road, G11 6RA, Partick https://goo.gl/maps/xT5MVYwBH2NDADvA6

It will be only 3 days on 1-3 September 2023 from 11am till 6pm, so please plan it in your diary now. In addition to the originals, there will be also be prints of some of my painting. In a nice atmosphere with wine you will be able to watch the exhibition with me, I cordially invite you.

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